Zodiac Intros – Aries

Hi everyone, I’m back this week to interview Aries!


Aries, the ram… So, do you have any nicknames?

Fists of fury.

That’s certainly a nickname.

You like to work out, don’t you?

Yep! I have a small fitness center in my home.

A few days a week I’ll teach some chumps how to wrestle at a gym nearby.

How’d you get into that?

I got drunk one night at a bar and fought a guy hitting on my girlfriend. When I laid him flat on his back he had the gall to say my fighting was sloppy.

He invited me to his studio, and after a few trips I started joining in.

Wow, that’s… not what I expected.

So, you have a girlfriend?


So… what’s she like?

Oh, she’s great.

…Alright, cool. How’d you two meet?

Now there’s a fun story! Picture this- I’m sitting on the beach, getting a tan, thinking about beating the kids beside me in volleyball. A photographer and a girl as sweet as summer strolls by, looking for the perfect place for a shot.

All of a sudden a strong breeze passes and the girl loses her footing. What else can I do but run to her aid and catch her mid fall as the sun sets behind us?


So it was love at first sight?

Of course! Haven’t you ever looked at someone for 3 seconds and it felt like eternity?

Er, not really…

How did you meet the other Zodiac?

Mostly through my girlfriend. She stays in her garden a lot but, well, she can be nosy at times…

I’ve met all of them at one point or another by now.

Alright, last question- what inspires you?

I’d say people who undergo intense mental and physical training, like monks. It’s one thing to work out your arms in a gym, but it’s another thing to test your endurance and faith.

Great! That wraps up this week’s interview, so see you guys next time!

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