Zodiac Intros – Libra

I’m back this week with another interview of one of the Zodiac members- this week my special guest is Libra!


So, let’s see… Your name is Libra, but do you have any nicknames?

No, I’m afraid not. It’s just Libra.

That’s okay! What kind of hobbies do you like?

When you reach my age, you don’t quite have “hobbies”, you just have things to pass the time.

I have a book club I attend with a few other gentlemen… it goes about as well as you’d expect.

…Is there, uh… debating?

Somewhat… but mostly getting derailed and never discussing the books. It’s an excuse for some of them to get out of the house and go for coffee without being alone.

I see…

Well, what kind of cool jobs have you had?

I was a professor for a time in Europe, and then became a traveling lecturer.

What did you teach?

Pathology, and later bone structure. I first started studying for healing purposes but my studies deviated to the dead… I looked more into what the bones can tell us about the deceased and if there was any way to prevent their sudden deaths.

Studying bone structures was also a side effect of studying the dead more than the living.

Woah… so you studied corpses?

For a time, yes. I would help in morgues to determine the cause of death, but being around the dead grew old quick.

So, I moved to teaching the living. It’s rewarding to teach bright-eyed students, but there’s only so long we can stay in the public eye…

You move around a lot like the rest, huh… How did you meet everyone else?

I became acquainted with Capricornus at one of my lectures. He was in attendance- I’d been lecturing for years, so he stopped by one day. He has a great sense of intuition when it comes to people…

I met the rest after that. They came to me more than I came to them.

Are you close to any of them now?

Not particularly, no. They all have a more youthful mindset than I do. Capricornus is probably the closest, though he’s off playing a young father most of the time.

Well, to wrap things up, do you have a fun fact about yourself?

Nonfiction is better than fiction.

Oookay, that’s it for this week’s interview!

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