Zodiac Intros – Cancer

Another Monday, another interview! This week I’m talking to Cancer the crab.


So Cancer, I remember that your house is rather… interesting… Why do you choose to live in a cave? How do you live in a cave?

All you hear is the echoes of the waves! It’s great. I have a lot of lighting too to help with my circadian rhythm.

Why not a house on the beach? Or on a cliff overlooking the ocean?

Too open!


I hear you’re a bit of a her… hermit… a shut-in.

My home is nice. I don’t need to leave it much.

So you don’t leave it at all?

Only rarely. You can get a lot of stuff delivered now, so I can stay alone more!

…What kind of address do you list for delivery?

I’m not going to dox myself!


If you rarely leave your home, how’d you meet the rest of the Zodiac?

Oh, I haven’t.


I’ve only met Capricornus and his little brother.

You mean his son.

He has a kid?!

So you’ve only met Capricornus and Leo. Have you ever tried talking to anyone else…?

Hah… Ah….

I’m not much for starting conversations…

I can tell…

Alright, I promise I won’t keep you for much longer. You really like the water and listening to it- what else do you like about it?

I like to look at it!

People know more about the moon than they do the oceans here… I like to imagine what’s down there. How many sunken cities are down there.

Do you have any non-aquatic hobbies?

The internet. I can spend all day on it.

I would ask about your service signal down there but I don’t want to fall down another rabbit hole…

Last question! Do you have any pets?

There’s some fish in one of my ponds I feed! I think that counts.

Do they have names?

Mhm! But they all look the same so I call them all Shrimp.

…Well, on that note, this concludes this week’s interview! See you next week!

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