Capricornus’ House Map Process

Today we’ll look at the process for making Capricornus’ house into a map! He lives in an upscale apartment in New York, so his rooms are a bit more fancy…

Capricornus’ bedroom is a room for two- half for him and half for Scorpius. If time allows, maybe we’ll get to see Leo’s room too…?

However, the main room for his place is the kitchen / living room, as it has a look over New York.

After sketching out the place I do the lineart.

Because it’s a nicer apartment, I went with wood-grain flooring as well as browns / whites for the furniture and accessories.

After some quick shading, the place is looking pretty cozy!

All that’s left is some mood lighting.

Last but not least, here’s a grand tour of his home.

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