Art Process – Spring Kiss

Hi guys, today I’ll be showing the art process for an art piece for Asterism- Spring Kiss! We’ll go step-by-step to show you how it was created.

First we’ll start off with the sketch. It’s just the two of them, no background just yet.

After the sketch I typically start on the background. Backgrounds aren’t my favorite part and I’m not great at them, so I get them out of the way at the beginning.

Next is the line art! Here’s where I started on it. I added a flat layer between the sketch and the background so I’d be able to see what I’m lining a lot easier.

Now on to flat colors and some more details to the background!

I always go skin -> eyes -> hair -> clothes -> accessories, so the next step is skin shading. After that I colored Ophi’s eye and then started on Kotachi’s hair.

The shading is complete!

Let’s add some effects ✨

More effects!

Even more effects!

Progress in video form!

And now we’re finished! Such a shoujo kiss scene… I hope this was informative or at least interesting! Of course, you can date Ophi in the full game of Asterism.

— Miko

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