Asterism Battle Updates

It’s been a while since there was just an Asterism updates devlog, so here we go!

ds-sans has finished the new battle UI and it looks wonderful. For reference, here’s what the temporary UI looked like:

And here’s what the new UI looks like!

We’re almost done implementing these changes in the game (both of these screenshots were taken in game) so we’ll be updating the demo battles soon.

Another new addition to battles is cut-ins! When Ophi, Ayane, or Levi attack an enemy, a quick cut-in will play.

Another new addition to the demo section will be another area in Gemini’s home to explore.

Currently, about 90% of the maps in Asterism are drawn. As the script and VN portions of the game are done, the majority of the work being done now are on maps, battle mechanics, and extra art.

Speaking of extra art… here’s 2 art pieces, one featuring Cancer and the other featuring Capricornus’ family!

That’s about it for updates so far, though we do have some more “making of” maps devlogs coming up in the future!

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