Lost Lune is an action fantasy visual novel set in a post apocalyptic future where a foreign god has descended upon earth, wreaking havoc in its wake and casting the planet into an eternal night.

A decade has passed since the foreign god’s appearance, filling it with madness and destroying over a quarter of humanity within the first few months. Humanity has fought back but is still on its last legs against anomalous humanoid creatures with logic-defying powers. One of these fighters, Weiss, loses their partner in a recent attack and has to fight to get them back against all odds.

Play as Weiss Herber, a Scavenging leader for one of the last strongholds of humanity as they fight against the hordes.

teaser demo:

  • 5k~ words
  • 2 scenes
  • in-depth scene direction

full game:

  • estimated 60k+ words
  • swapping narrative between present day and flashbacks for each day
  • multiple endings