That Which Binds Us is a medium length otome visual novel centered around Evalise, a young woman who’s down on her luck when she comes across a man who claims he can change it all.

What if you could make anyone forget about you?


That Which Binds Us (TWBU) is about a young woman named Evalise who’s boyfriend isn’t the best guy in the world… in fact, he’s constantly in jail. However, on this occasion of trying to bail him out, she runs into a bail bonds salesman who proposes a different question- what if she could make him forget about her completely? With a simple cut of his knife, he can make anyone forget about any client. Evalise, cautious but curious, goes through with it, only to find her boyfriend now completely unaware of who she is. Now, she’s trying to recollect her life as a now-single woman- but a mystery still surrounds her.


TWBU first started off as a last-minute entry for Degica’s Indie Game Maker Contest game jam in 2017, where it was made in RPG Maker MV. However, after the jam was over, TWBU was ported to Ren’Py to make for easier and more custom developing. Now, the story is being fully fleshed out with diverging story lines, making it much longer than the original demo made for IGMC.


TWBU is a bit different from typical otomes and original English visual novels as it follows a group of adults rather than teenagers in high school. Evalise is a 26 year old woman working a regular retail job with a less than average boyfriend, and follows her life as she’s thrown in the middle of a mystery. It’s a more mature story, not because of 18+ content such as nudity, but because of more realistic themes, despite it being modern fantasy. One of my goals as a writer is always to incorporate realistic characters into fantasy stories to make the stories feel like they could exist in real life.


  • 5-7 hours long (including all endings)
  • New game+ mode where alternate choices and story lines open up.
  • Ability to see the love interest’s, Idris’, thoughts and play as him in some scenes, affecting the story.
  • Multiple endings that each tell slightly different stories.

Fact Sheet

  • Released: June 25th, 2018
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux, and android