Zodiac Intros – Leo

Hi guys, and welcome back! This week I’m talking to Leo, the youngest of the Zodiac.


So Leo, how old are you?

About 13.

And how long have you been 13?

A while now.

I see…

You live with Capricornus and Scorpius, right? What’s that like?

It’s nice.

All of the Zodiac seem to have their own homes and places. Do you not have one?

I do. I don’t like living alone though.

Yeah, I imagine that gets lonely…

So what do you like to do?

I like listening to music.

That’s nice. Anything else?

I like cream soda.


Do you go to school?

I used to, but Dad said it was too much of a hassle moving me from school to school every few years.

I’m bored of it now.

I bet you’ve gone through the education system a few times, huh?

Yeah. I already know most of the basics, but Dad says I can’t pass for a high schooler. He doesn’t have faith in me.

Mom said I should try, though! She said she’s like to see me try.

I bet she did…

Do you have any friends your age?


I meant someone around 13.

Not really.

Kids aren’t allowed in Mom’s bar.

You do go out some though, right?


I don’t like crowds.

You’ve had friends before though?

Of course.

Alright, last question… what’s with the headband?

I’m a lion!

…Ask stupid questions and you get stupid answers, huh? I guess that’s it for this week!

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