Zodiac Intros – Capricornus

Hi everyone, I’m back this week with another interview! Today Capricornus is with me.

It’s nice to be here. Change of pace is always good.

What would you normally be doing?

I’d probably be helping Scorpius open up the restaurant part of her bar. The bar doesn’t open until 5:30, but the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

So you help out at her bar often?

Sometimes, when I can. I’m in between jobs right now so I have some free time on my hands.

She doesn’t like me working for free, but she also doesn’t charge me for drinks, so I don’t stick around for long.

I’d like somewhere I can work with my hands, like carpentry… but it usually doesn’t end up that way. I can’t help I’m a good bouncer.

Doing a lot of physical work sounds hard… have you always preferred it that way?

Definitely. I used to be a vagabond in Europe, floating from place to place.

Is that how you met Scorpius?

Yeah. I happened to end up in her town when she was looking for an easy out… so one night we fled.

I’ve got a question about your names… Your name is Capricornus, but I’ve only heard of Capricorn before. And for Scorpius I thought it was supposed to be Scorpio.

Wrong Zodiac. We’re constellations, remember? Capricorn and Scorpio are astrology, while Capricornus and Scorpius are astronomy.


So, you’re the main figure for the Zodiac, right? How did that happen?

At some point or another I stumbled into everyone in my travels. Not everyone is too keen on meeting everyone else, but I was.

If I heard that a few towns over there was someone rumored to never age, I went there. Sometimes it’d be fate and I’d run into them when they needed help.

So you found everybody… did anybody find you?

Sagittarius did. Those were better times… he was a competitive archer, couldn’t be beat. He had one of his managers find me. In a sense, he was searching for answers like I was.

He invited me to an archery event and then we had dinner afterwards. Talked about life and such.

What about Leo? How did you end up taking care of him?

Leo can… somewhat take care of himself. But he’s small and still tends to think like a kid, so I asked him to move in with myself and Scorpius.

He doesn’t like big crowds but he also doesn’t like living alone.

He’s quiet. A lot of the time you don’t even notice he’s there.

Alright, last question- what’s your favorite sport?


Okay! Thanks for coming Capricornus- I’ll be back next week with another interview!

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