Zodiac Intros – Taurus

Welcome back to another Zodiac interview! We’re nearing the end of interviewing everyone…

But anyway, this week I’m with Taurus!

Hi Kotachi.

Everyone’s so… eager… to be interviewed…

I was in the middle of livestreaming.

What were you streaming?

Fan questions.

Great, then you can answer a few from me!

So… first on the list…

Do you stream often?


What do you normally do?

I like doing fashion hauls. I’ll order a bunch of stuff online and then review it and try it on for the video.

I think Pisces mentioned you sometimes do collabs.

Pisces… what did she say?!

S-She just mentioned that you two do collabs sometimes, that’s it!

Yeah, we collab sometimes.

Then why the outburst…

She’s my rival.

In what?


She acts like she’s great at everything under the sun- there’s got to be something she can’t do! I’ll find it eventually.


What’d you do before, uh… what you do now?

…Lots of things. I was a model for a while. A district attorney.

I don’t like to stay tied down to one thing.

Alright, I think we’re getting somewhere. What’s been your favorite career?

Haven’t found it yet.

Alright, I think we’re getting somewhere. How’d you meet the rest of the Zodiac?

I dunno.


I don’t really remember how I met the rest of them. I probably stumbled into Capricornus somewhere, or ran into someone else.

It wasn’t that memorable, I guess.


What’s your favorite non-work related hobby?

Working on personal projects on my days off.

That’s still working!

I like watching movie analysis stuff. Any movie is a big production, so it’s nice seeing what went wrong and what went right.

Learning from others’ mistakes, huh…

What’d you say?


I think that’s a wrap for today! I’ll be taking a break from interviewing… for a while… Thanks for joining us!

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