Aries’ House Map Process

Aries is a fitness junkie who lives in a quaint log cabin. Her house is smaller than the rest of the Zodiac, but has its own charm. Today we’re going to look at the process for making 2 of the rooms in her home!

We’ll start off by looking at the first room you’ll encounter, the living room.

Here’s the final sketch for the living room. There’s a (wood) dining table along with a lounge area in front of a fireplace. The staircase was the last addition, as every decent sized log cabin has a wooden staircase.

After the area was put in engine the doors on the back wall were swapped.

Lots of wood grain added!

Finally, some shading.

Last but not least, it’s night when Kotachi and the party enter her home so here it is at night.

Now let’s look at Aries’ bedroom!

As Aries sometimes has someone spending the night, her half of the room is messier while the other half is more clean. There’s also a window to look out at the open plains.

Some more items added.

Almost there!

Finally, the night time version of her room with moonlight trickling in.

These are just 2 rooms in Aries’ home, the rest of which you’ll be able to see in the full game. Hope you guys enjoyed this look at her home!

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