Zodiac Intros – Sagittarius

Hi guys, I’m back this week with Sagittarius!

The quicker you respond, the quicker we can leave.


Hi, Sagittarius! I haven’t seen you around as much as the others.


Do you typically stay away from them?

Wouldn’t you?

What does that mean?

They’re a bunch of weirdos. Acting like we should all be friends and stick together.

Nothing lasts forever.

So you don’t think you should all stay together?

We’ve got nothing in common aside from being constellations. That’s it.

I guess so…

Didn’t you seek out some of them, though? That’s what Capricornus told me.

Those were different times. I wanted answers.

Answers like… who you are?

I’m not about to get deep on a small interview. I wanted to know of there were other people… like me out there. That’s it.

It’s alright, it makes sense to me.

So did you meet Capricornus, did you meet Leo or Scorpius at the same time?

D-Did I word that wrong or something?

Don’t mention that woman.

Err, alright…

She thinks she’s so high and mighty, always looking down on people who don’t meet her expectations… She runs a bar but yet looks down on all her best customers.

I stopped doing archery and she acted like I was worthless overnight.

Let’s finish this thing.

…So what do you do now?

Sit around.

What made you quit competitive archery?

Got too good.

Any chances of you getting back into it?

You sure as nosy as hell.

Are you interested in anything else?

What, so you can tell the world?

This is an interview…

Err… is there anything you want to add before we wrap up?


Aaaalright, see you guys next week!

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