Zodiac Intros – Gemini

Hello, hello! Today’s the start of our first introductions for the Zodiac, starting with me!

H-Hey, I’m the host here!

Anyway… this is the first Zodiac introduction, I guess.

You guess? You’re going to find and save the rest of them, right?

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

…So today I’m introducing Gemini, the twins. Except there’s only one here.

Where’s your brother?

I dunno.

So Gem, where’d your name come from?

Isn’t it obvious?

Just it explain again.

Well, my brother and I are both called “Gemini”, so to avoid confusion we chose nicknames! I got the better half, of course.

Why’d you decide to split the word, though?

What do you mean?

Like, it’s a nickname. You two could have chosen anything.

…I don’t get it.

…So, next question…

You use a bow and arrow to fight, but when I fought Ini he had a knife. Why do you prefer something more long-ranged?

Hmm, I suppose it’s more of our fighting styles. I cover from the back while he sneaks in for a close-up approach.

As for why I like a bow and arrow specifically over other weapons, I just like how it feels in my hand. The grip of the bow, pulling back on the string… it’s sort of like an instrument. Of death.

Alright… how’d you meet the rest of the Zodiac?

Oh, that’s a fun story! Let me get a glass of water, first.


I hope she’ll come back…

Well… maybe I should start the next introduction…

Is this where the Zodiac introductions are?

Ah. Great.

You didn’t happen to see your sister on the way in, did you?


Of course. Sit down, please.

Where was I… alright, so how did you and Gem meet the rest of the Zodiac?

Hmm… well, we were at a bar when we met Capricornus.

He’s always been a sort of vagabond, going from place to place like he’s searching for something. That night we happened to strike up a conversation since the locals had told him we were always in town but no one could figure out where we lived.

After that, he introduced us to a few other people, namely Libra and Aries.

Gem gets along with them better than I do, though.

Why’s that?

The hell does that mean?

I-I just mean… Er…

So, if you could pick any career to start, what would you do?

Making me think for once, huh…

How about a movie reviewer?


Alright, alright… wait, what’s wrong with a movie reviewer?

You can pick anything and you pick something you could start on your couch?


…Like, you could already do that. Just get a camera and record yourself talking about a movie. Upload it online. Rinse and repeat and maybe you can make a living from it.

Really? Huh.

…You know what the internet is, right?



I think that’s all my questions for now. How about you look up how to upload videos and I’ll get ready for my next interview?

Sounds good!

See you guys next time!

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