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As some of you may already know I was one of the artists working on Enamored Risks as a concept artist and promo artist. It’s a pleasure to share a bit of my knowledge and show the process that I usually go through when coming up with a design.

First we got the basic info (briefing) about our love interests who weren’t even named yet at the time. I’ll go in depth into Love interest 1’s design as it’s personally my favorite amongst the concepts I’ve created. For LI1 I got the idea that he was a loner type, with a gothic style and into urban exploration. With that in mind I first started to look for references and some inspiration. I wanted his design to make clear of who he was as a person. 

After gathering the visuals I thought would match the briefing, I started to sketch out his looks, starting with the hair with long bangs covering his face and dark colors as he is someone who doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. (Note this was the very first drawing I made of him, I kept some of it but refined it later).

For the clothes I went with the same idea and added muted colors like gray and black, with ripped jeans as he probably damaged his clothes a lot while exploring and some sneakers to add more to his casual style.

One addition that I thought it would be cool was to give him headphones as another way for him to dissociate from the rest as he could just listen to songs in his playlist and disconnect from the world. With Dead Fish being a possible fictional band that he was into.

In the final cut the devs decided to go with the second hairstyle and changed his clothes a bit. That’s part of concept art, not always the design you create will 100% be approved for the final cut but that’s okay because in the end we concept artist together can give life to incredible characters by uniting our ideas. That’s also why it’s important to have an art director in these projects as they are the ones who can connect all the dots.

Here’s how his final design looks in my style:

So to sum things up: first goes the briefing (basic info), then to reference, followed by sketches of your idea (try to make as many sketches as you can), next add colors (preferably leave the color palette next to the design, experiment with different colors too) and for last clean it all and have yourself a brand new character design.

I hope these tips could be useful and you can find me in any of the social media down here, I’m always open to give artistic tips to fellow digital artists ♡ and don’t forget to check Enamored Risks!


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