Leo’s Room Map Process

Today we’re going to look at the art process for creating one of the rooms in Asterism- Leo’s room. Leo is the baby of the Zodiac and under Capricornus’ and Scorpius’ care. Because of this, his room was designed to look more childish but still clean.

A quick floorplan was created by blocking out tiles for the floor and then the rest of the room was sketched.

After the sketch, the flats for the floor/walls is placed and the furniture is lined.

After the lines were done, I changed the flat colors and hid the lines to add in a big bear. It makes the room feel more lived in and cozy, don’t you think?

The original color palette for the room was going to be beige/brown/light blue, but I changed the blue to purple to better match Leo’s design.

The room is rather clean- maybe a bit too clean, ha! Capricornus makes him keep his room very tidy.

All that’s left is to add mood lighting.

If you want to check out more map processes, here’s another:

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