February, 2017.

I (Arimia) started concepting Asterism as a shounen anime-inspired action RPG visual novel with a central theme around constellations and astronomy. At the time I was in college and still a very junior developer- all of the games I’ve directed and/or made on Steam have been released in subsequent years since then.

Asterism has gone through many, many changes. The most notably was that for the longest it was going to be an RPG until we ultimately had to cut it out for the sake of the project as a whole (you can read more about that decision here). At one point Asterism had many more characters that padded out the story and different antagonists the group had to face.

Asterism has also had many, many people have input or directly work on the project. She’ll be reading this- thank you Iron for all the nights we spent laughing about the cast and where I should take the script. Thank you Vale for all the programming help, for helping the younger me get through so, so many bugs. To Nai, who helped me make some of the hardest decisions I’ve made while developing games but ultimately make a better game. Thank you foleso for constantly pushing me through the past couple years and always being so supportive. And to everyone else- everyone who helped read over the early drafts, who playtested, the musicians who brought it together, the various artists who assisted the production. Thank you, really.

I’m happy to say that now, on July 22nd, 2021, Asterism is done. There will be some minor updates in the future, I’m sure, but for now the game is finished.

And, thank you for checking it out!

— Arimia

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