At the turn of the century, vampires have become a part of daily life and upper class society, though some still distrust their ways. Cecil, a runaway rich kid runs into Nemo, a pickpocket & general vagabond and the two set out looking for their own goals- for one, their best friend; for the other, a cure to vampirism. Their search leads them to unraveling an unsolved vampire attack from a decade prior.

Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea is a fantasy Victorian-esque kinetic novel about a pickpocket and a runaway. It will be free on Steam & itchio later this year.

Currently, the script is around 24,000 words out of an estimated total of 30,000 with all but a few of the sprites finished and several of the CGs finished. The UI and logo are still being worked on.

The story swaps perspective between Cecil, a runaway rich kid (the side image character above), and Nemo, a pickpocket & ex-sailor (the man talking above).

It’s not a dating sim, though it does have romance elements in it (the two men below, Nemo & Ambrose, are in a relationship). This is very character-driven but with a small cast; something less novel with fewer lines of narration and instead more visual and dialogue-driven.

The next few devlogs we’ll look at artwork for CGs and other developments, so stay tuned!

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