This week we’re taking a look at the second main character of Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea, Nemo!

Nemo is a man always on the road—he’s a pickpocketer and a perpetual vagabond in his early 20s, never able to stay in one place for long. Even though he has a proper home now, he’s always on his feet. His background is up in the air, as no one can verify anything he says. He claims he’s an orphan who’s always moved from city to city, but worked as a deckhand as a child. Regardless, it’s clear he’s used to roughing it outdoors and is good with manual labor.

Nemo is the first here!

Because of all this, I wanted Nemo to have the most casual look of the cast. Something loose and easier to move around in, but also very hands-on looking.

Rather than a coat or even a vest, Nemo has a simple button up shirt with his sleeves rolled up, ready to work. The suspenders and cap complete the look, don’t you think?

Just like with Cecil, I referenced lots of Victorian era photos and clothing illustrations when deciding what’d look best for him.

Because Nemo’s clothes are cheaper and working class (meanwhile the other four are rich…), he doesn’t have as many patterns on his clothes as the rest. His cap is the only item he has that has a pattern to it, actually! …It was probably a gift from Ambrose.

Before we finish looking at Nemo’s design, let’s side step and look at his weapon. Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea was originally planned to be an “action drama”, but as I was writing I found it hard to insert action scenes. The focus went from being half action, half drama to being 85% drama, 15% action.

Still, there are some fight scenes in it. Nemo’s weapon is a gun that shoots specialized rubber bullets coated in aquamarine to fight back against vampires. It can shoot regular, lethal bullets, but Nemo always has it loaded with anti-vampire (non-lethal) ones.

Thank you Coda for helping me fix his proportions!

And now, Nemo’s finished sprite! Does he look like a dependable guy or just a petty thief to you? Either way, I hope you enjoy going on a journey with him in the full game!

— Arimia

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