Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea recently celebrated its 1st anniversary! It’s been played over 2,000 times across Steam and thank you to everyone who’s played it so far!

Today’s update of the game is mostly graphical. The GUI was always a placeholder one and now the full GUI has been implemented!

This GUI overhaul includes a Gallery, a new menu that allows you to see the cut scene artwork from the game. This menu can be accessed once you finish the game.

Along with the updated GUI, I also fixed a few typos in the script (thank you Zelan for the help!). This will most likely be the last update for the game, so I hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to read more about the development process, there’s several devlogs on our website you can read.

One last things- you can now buy keychains of the cast of Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea for our merch store!

You can get them here ♥

— Arimia

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