Happy 2023 everyone! 2022 has come and gone and before we get too far into 2023, let’s take a look at what we accomplished this year.

In February we released a small update to A Pinch of Magic for technical improvements to go along with it hitting 50k downloads across all platforms!

We also announced 2 new games this year!

A majority of the year was spent concepting and writing Canvas Menagerie, our latest title that’s a slice of life boys love visual novel. CM follows Niko, an actor living in Atlanta, Georgia who gets the lead role in a major TV show teen drama. We’ll also be working on CM a lot in 2023.

There’s currently a playable demo for CM that’s around an hour long and showcases several days in the first part of CM!

The second title we announced this year was Lost Lune, a post-apocalyptic story set a decade after a foreign god descends on earth and wreaks havoc. This project is still very early in development but you can see a teaser of the game on itch.io.

In 2023 we hope to make a lot of progress on these projects as well as post devlogs more frequently. For now, we hope you enjoy these playable demos!

— Arimia

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