Lost Lune is an action fantasy visual novel set in a post apocalyptic future where a foreign god has descended upon earth, wreaking havoc in its wake and casting the planet into an eternal night.

A decade has passed since the foreign god’s appearance, filling it with madness and destroying over a quarter of humanity within the first few months. Humanity has fought back but is still on its last legs against anomalous humanoid creatures with logic-defying powers. One of these fighters, Herber, loses their partner in a recent attack and has to fight to get them back against all odds.

For Winter Visual Novel Jam 2022 I made a 5k~ long teaser demo for my second upcoming project, Lost Lune! The full game will be around 50-60k long with more characters to meet and scenarios to try and survive.

I’ll be releasing some devlogs on the game over the next few months, but for now you can read this devlog on how the logo was designed.

— Arimia

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