The logo for Lost Lune is one of our more intricate logos and went through several iterations before it was complete. Today I’d like to take a look at the process for designing it!

Lost Lune is an action fantasy visual novel set in a post apocalyptic world where a foreign god has descended upon earth, casting it into an eternal winter’s night. As the world is now permanently covered in snow, the game is very blue/purple.

The moon—or lack thereof—is a big part to the worldbuilding of this world. It’s always night, and you can even see stars some nights, but yet the moon has disappeared.

As such, I wanted the logo to be blues and purple with a moon as a key item.

This was the first try, namely trying to get the overall look down. I felt like this looked too Sailor Moon-esque for a story set in the post apocalypse, so a few changes were in order. I wanted the logo to be reminiscent of Japanese action visual novels—”chuuni” ones—so more work needed to be done on the moon.

Swords staked through the moon is definitely much more striking, but I still felt it was too shoujo looking. It needed a font change!

Here I tried out the old font for the Ls and a new font for the other letters, but it still felt too fancy and decorative. So I chunked out the decorative font and went for a serif font, the same one you see in the game.

It’s looking a lot better! However, I noticed a lot of chuuni games have a subtitle in their logos (and sometimes titles). These logos are usually written in English with a subtitle in Hiragana or Katakana and can be a sort of small blurb for the game or a shortened form of the title, like a nickname. For my own, I decided to go with a small blurb to entice players.

Add in a few more tweaks like some extra gradients on the text and a darker outline colors and here you go! A good logo should tell you something about the product and I think this makes it very clear it’s a fantasy project.

Next time I’ll talk a bit about the setting for Lost Lune!

— Arimia

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