This past month we changed things up a bit—instead of working on Canvas Menagerie, I worked on Lost Lune.

During June I and a couple of other visual novel developers came together to host Battle Action Fantasy VN Jam, a visual novel jam specifically for VNs that are reminiscent of shounen anime and manga. We were expecting only a handful of people to be interested, but we ended up with over 100 people signed up and 12 entries! Maybe we’ll host it again next year…

I decided to rework the teaser for Lost Lune for the jam. I wanted to extend the teaser, but I only got around 3k written during the month for various scenes, none of which were ready to be coded.

Most of the rework was rescripting it—I changed Weiss’ sprite from being a side sprite to being fully on screen, which means the entire thing had to be rescripted pretty much.

This allowed for much more dynamic compositions more befitting for an action drama.

As you can also see, Weiss has a new sprite! This new artwork is used interchangeably with their other character sprite, giving them more poses and variety.

The total script is around 15k words so far and will be something I work on in the background for a while longer.

You can check out the new teaser on itchio:

To wrap up, here’s a new artwork of Weiss and Klaus!

— Arimia

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