Lost Lune is a far cry from any story we’ve made before, following a nonbinary protagonist in a post-apocalyptic winter hellscape. Although there are certain parts of Lost Lune‘s setting that are too spoiler-y to talk about here, I’d like to talk about a few of the choices for its setting.

If you want to go into Lost Lune without any context of the setting, please skip this devlog for now and come back to it after the game is complete!

The background of the story is that a foreign god has descended on an Earth not too different from our own. When the foreign god descended, it blotted out the sun and brought chaos to the world, mutating animals and fauna alike.

Now, a decade later, the world is covered in an icy layer with constant blizzards and an eternal night. Humans have not seen the sun ever since the foreign god descended—they don’t even know if it still exists.

Nighttime is a setting I really like—there’s something mystical about it. There’s a specific reason as to why it’s always nighttime, but I’ll save that for the full game. In contrast to the dark blues of the night sky is the completely white fields. A world covered in snow isn’t hospitable to most forms of life, leading to most (not all) plant life dying off and the surviving humans finding new ways to gain sustenance.

Although life was normal a decade ago, there aren’t many remnants surviving of humanity. Most buildings and markers have disappeared for a variety of reasons—fires from the early days, monsters attacking, snowfall weighing down rooftops, etc. Relics from normal days are now hoarded and used as either ways to survive or comfort objects.

The combination of an eternal night cast over a frozen world with urban exploration of derelict buildings will be an interesting setting, I hope!

Now, onto what this means for the cast…

Our main character, Weiss Herber, is one of the few survivors. Although their age is undetermined, they were in school when the cataclysm happened and were old enough to remember what normalcy was like—however, a decade later and even these memories are fleeting.

Weiss—a fake name, mind you—lives in a fortified prison, one of the few refuges for people. The prison has different occupations for its citizens, with 3 main groups of people who are authorized to leave the prison—the Task Force, the Reconnaissance, and the Scavengers. Weiss is the current leader of the Scavengers, the only group urged to avoid combat. Their focus is on traveling to areas already surveyed by the Reconnaissance teams and collecting spare items and furniture that can be used.

I’ll probably make a separate devlog going over the design choices for the cast, but I’ll reveal a bit here. Weiss’ role in the ecosystem is to venture out to explored areas and bring back anything useful, but because of their focus on bringing back items, they’re required to pack light—which means fewer weapons and means of defending themselves. Because of this, Weiss has found their own way to adapt to their surroundings, namely by dressing in all white to blend in with the snow.

Weiss’ design is all white/blue, except for a little hair ribbon… You’ll find out about that in the full game!

Thanks for reading ♥

— Arimia

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