May has come and gone, so it’s time to look at some of the progress for Canvas Menagerie this month.

I wrote about 4k words, most of which was for an additional scene for Act 1 I’ll show in a little bit. I also wrote a bit more for a few scenes in Act 2.

Over half of my writing the past month was for Mari’s Magical Deliveries, a short Ludum Dare entry you can read more about here. It’s a small project I’ll be working on in the background, but that’s why I wasn’t able to get as much written as usual.

The new scene in Act 1 is one focusing on Niko and Ren (shocker), showing them while filming and afterwards just hanging out.

This new scene also has a new CG! …To be honest, I just wanted to try out some cut-in ideas…

Earlier in May the Steam page & trailer went live! The trailer was made by Hatoge, a fellow boys love developer.

You can now play the updated demo (with Ren’s new sprite artwork) on Steam! Please consider wishlisting it too, as that really helps.

That’s about it for updates from May! Except…

The last day of May is Niko’s birthday (the day after mine)! Happy birthday Niko ♥

Next month there won’t be an update post for Canvas Menagerie, as I’ll be swapping back to working on Lost Lune for the new Battle Action Fantasy game jam. So, expect to hear more about that game instead!

— Arimia

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