Mari’s Magical Deliveries is a small project I’ve been working on the past 2ish weeks for both the annual Ludum Dare game jam and the annual Otome Jam that’s now released!

The game follows Mari, a college aged witch who returns to her childhood home to help her dad with his delivery services. While she’s handing out packages, she meets some familiar faces from high school…

This current jam build is pretty short at around 9.8k with 3 routes (2 male, 1 female) and uses a point-and-click system for Mari visiting different locations around town.

This is a short proof of concept I wanted to try, taking inspiration from the older Tradewinds games but sadly didn’t have the time to implement as robust of features as they had. I consider this a “beta”, as in the future I want to add more romance elements with the LIs, more side characters, optional deliveries, and overall make it longer.

For now, I hope this short “beta” is a cute experience!

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