It’s monthly update time for Canvas Menagerie!

There wasn’t much progress on the script this month, only about 3.7k words. This brings the total word count for the 2nd act up to 27k, right around half of what the 1st act is at.

A majority of the work this month was on polishing artwork- both Niko and Ren’s sprites got updates!

Niko’s update was to redo the highlights on his hair, making them more inline with the style of the cut scene artwork and key visuals.

Ren, however, got a full makeover!

I wasn’t happy with his original sprite so I waited to redo it at some point. And now here we are!

This update also allows me to add more arm poses for him in the future and just more customization for him in general.

For comparison, here was their sprites before this update:

I also made a few more minor artwork updates that are too small to point out here. There will be a new update to the demo coming out in May that will have these updated artworks.

Last but not least, halfway through April I posted a devlog on setting up one of the scenes from the full game which you can read here!

The Steam page for Canvas Menagerie will go live in May, so please consider wishlisting it!

— Arimia

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