With his frantic schedule of filming, photoshoots, script rehearsals, and more, Niko and the rest of the cast for Canvas Menagerie rarely have a full day off. However, on a certain day off, Niko decided to pick back up an old hobby…

Today we’re going to look at the process for making Niko’s painting scenes!

Niko hasn’t been able to try painting, an old hobby of his, in quite a while. So, with some of his paycheck, he gets a new set of art supplies and sets up shop in one of the unused sections of the warehouses.

These painting scenes are a time for Niko to reflect on things. Because they’ll be reoccurring across all the acts, I wanted to design it in a way to make it visually interesting and changeable.

I started off with a rough sketch of the scene.

A mostly empty warehouse with a large window- not the best lighting-wise for painting, but Niko’s more about privacy than practicality…

After that I drew it and separated out different parts. Currently, these are all the working pieces!

I knew there would be sometimes when the canvas wouldn’t be there, sometimes when I don’t want to show Niko sitting on the bench, etc. It’s much easier in the long run to separate each of the parts out.

When we put some of the pieces together, it looks like this.

But what about the floating hands? Those are to make the scene more visually interesting, but it’s easier to show that off in a video of the finished scene.

This year I want to make scenes more dynamic than I have before- not just screenshakes and characters jumping but more touches like this.

You’ll be able to see the full version of this scene in the full version of the game (and in Act 1)!

— Arimia

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