March is over so let’s look at the progress so far! There’s quite a bit of updates.

First off, writing progress!

Somehow I ended up writing around 7k words for Act 2 this month, trying to get closer to the mid point of the act. I got close but there’s still a couple more scenes to wrap up until I get there, but Act 2 is coming along very fast!

Another part I worked on was a bit of scripting for Act 1. I finished some cutscene artwork this month and started implementing some of it in game.

Niko doesn’t have very many breaks, so on one of his days off he picks back up an old hobby. I’ll be making a devlog going over the set up for this scene more in the future.

A lot of the work this month was artwork as well! Plenty of new pieces, including the one you see above.

Here’s another new cutscene artwork…

…some new backgrounds, courtesy of Arctic Fox…

And even a new key visual!

Next month I’m hoping to get past writing the mid point of Act 2 and get the Steam page set up.

Last but certainly not least, it’s March 31st—Trans Day of Visibility! I hope all of our transgender friends and followers have a great day today ♥

— Arimia

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