Is it fall yet? No? We’re still stuck in summer? It’s too hot for this!

Canvas Menagerie is set in the Hollywood of the deep South, AKA Atlanta, Georgia. While I don’t live in Georgia anymore, it’s been unbearably hot here in other places in the South with temperatures over 100F with humidity- not something we normally get (thanks global warming). I can only imagine how hot it must be for actual actors working in Atlanta right now… (well, aside from them being on strike)

But I digress- it’s time to take a look at the progress on Canvas Menagerie this month! There’s lots to look at this time around.

First off the is main chunk of development (at least, what feels like the biggest hurdle to me), writing. I wrote about 7,000 words in August, adding an entire finished chapter to Act 2.

This chapter is focused on Niko going to Ren’s home for Christmas and meeting his family after them dating has become public. Niko hasn’t had a typical holiday in years, so it’s a bit of a shock to them all.

This chapter is also, of course, the two of them getting closer and understanding the other better.

I also worked on a few new outfits, namely a new outfit for Niko, Ren, and Angel!

Angel’s new dress
Niko and Ren’s new outfits

Niko and Ren’s new outfits are specifically for the Christmas chapter.

I also reworked on some older CGs to make them fit with the updated character art, as you can see here.

Top is from May 2022, bottom is from August 2023

As mentioned in the previous devlog, I also took a break a couple of weeks ago to make stickers of the cast! They came out pretty cute, and you can see the process for making them here.

Last but not least, here’s an extra artwork of Angel!

— Arimia

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