Summer has finally ended and fall has begun! Finally onto more tolerable weather…

Sadly this month I don’t have much writing progress for Canvas Menagerie, so I’ll be skipping the writing graphic. For writing I focused on Lost Lune, which is now right at 20k. I want to continue to chip away at both scripts.

While I didn’t make much writing progress for Canvas Menagerie this month, I did make a lot of art progress! Here’s some new CGs and extra artwork.

This first artwork is Niko and Ren doing a late night script study session—and getting a little distracted in the process. (how do they even see that good in such low lighting?)

The original idea for this was Niko’s pouty face looking over at Ren, so I went ahead and drew Ren’s face reaching over to mess with his hair. I’d like to include this as a CG in the game but I don’t have a scene for it yet haha…

The next CG that definitely will be in the game is Niko and a certain someone at a theme park! The first act ends with a trip to a theme park with the main cast. But, it’s hard for celebrities to just walk around and go unnoticed… so Ren has to be in a bit of a disguise.

Next is an extra art of Niko and Ren together!

And finally…

Today is the first day of October, meaning it’s Ren’s birthday! 🎉

That’s it for this month—hopefully next month I’ll have even more to share.

— Arimia

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