The first of the year has passed, so now it’s time to take a look back at the progress made this month. I’ll be changing up the format for some of these monthly update devlogs going forward—as multiple projects are in progress, it makes more sense to have the devlogs focused on the progress that month rather than just one game’s progress.

The biggest and main thing was that Asphodelium was released! It’s a dark slice of life boys love visual novel about a group of adventurers settling down after saving the world, only for their past to come back to them.

It was made in about 3 months for Winter Visual Novel Jam, a game jam I cohost. Asphodelium is around 40k words long and is free to play, so check it out!

I spent over half of January working on finishing Asphodelium so that’s where a majority of my progress went, but I do have some updates for Canvas Menagerie as well!

The story is currently 2/3rds written and I’ve already written about 20% of the last 1/3rd…yeah, that’s a lot of numbers. Basically, I started the new year with 5k written and I wrote 5k this month. That means there’s a total of 10k written out of an estimated 45k for the last section, as every Act was estimated to be around 45-50k words long. It’s my goal to not only finish writing the entire game by the end of the year but also make significant progress on the rest of the game.

I want to also fully script the 1st part of the game and let others playtest it so I can get feedback on it. A late 2024-early 2025 full release for the game is what’s currently planned.

If you’re interested in eventually beta testing Canvas Menagerie, join our Discord! It’s small and is where I post a lot of updates & previews as they happen, as it’s easier to share small stuff there than tackle social media algorithms.

Currently, Canvas Menagerie is part of The Storyteller’s Festival, a Steam festival celebrating visual novels! If you haven’t already, check out the demo on Steam.

— Arimia

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