With Winter Visual Novel Jam 2023 wrapping up, I finally feel comfortable announcing the project I’ve been working on the past two months!

Asphodelium is a dark slice of life visual novel about a man trying to move on from his past when his past walks right back to him.

logo artwork by Baguetti

Hazel is an ex-adventurer who’s settled down with some of his previous guildmates after the adventure of a lifetime–taking down a doomsday cult that tried to end the world, but at the cost of killing their former guild leader who turned against them. Despite their adventure still haunting him months later, he’s tried to move on. That is until a man with the same face as their guild leader approaches him.

If I have to describe Asphodelium in a few words, then I’d say it’s a slice of life horror about your past confronting you. The game is not scary, but it does feature darker topics like murder, cults, and murdering cult members. You play as a trans murderer still grieving over the loss of someone they were once close to.

There are 2 endings for Asphodelium, though I won’t say if any of those are bad endings- there is at least 1 true ending, however, as this is a boys love game. The entire game is a little over 40k words with the script finished, so around 3 hours of play time.

Sadly due to sickness I was only able to finish coding about half of the game for Winter VN Jam, meaning the second half will release in January-February, depending on how fast I recover.

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