The final character to look at in this series for Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea‘s character concepts is Lucie! She’s the only girl in the main 4 but she makes her presence known everywhere.

This devlog will contain spoilers for Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea, so please finish it before reading further!

Lucie is a 14ish year old child who was turned into a vampire of her own will about 2 years prior to the beginning of the story. She’s headstrong, stubborn, and hates being told what to do.

The character role of “Lucie” was always one of the fundamentals of the story- the person Cecil is chasing after, searching for some closure from the past. Originally I was considering making the role of “Lucie” be a sibling of Cecil’s, possibly his brother, but I swapped the sibling role to Nemo.

Lucie was actually the first character I designed before I committed to beginning the project! Here was her original sketch.

As she’s the heir to a rich family, Lucie dresses very prim and proper. Her style is meant to resemble a doll with long, flowing hair and a large dress.

As you can probably tell, Lucie and Ambrose swapped hair colors in the final renderings.

Her sprite is meant to have a somewhat ephemeral feel to it, with her hair flowing in the wind.

She was originally going to have multiple dresses, but as I wrote the script it didn’t make sense for her to change outfits. I could have changed her dress for the last part of the story after the flash forward, but I figured I should just stick to her main outfit.

A planned second outfit for her.

Similarly to her initial sketch, Lucie was the first of the cast to be colored! I tested out the shading styles on her sprite before going with this.

Because Lucie grew up on the streets, her manner of speech is a bit rough around the edges. Added with her own headstrongness, and you get a child who refuses to change.

That’s about it on designing our little gremlin child! I hope you all like her.

— Arimia

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