Even though she’s the last main character to appear in Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea, Lucie plays a crucial role in the story. She’s also rather fun to draw, as she’s the only one of the 4 who wears frilly dresses with long hair!

Today I (Arimia) will talk about the art process for 2 of Lucie’s cut scene artwork.

The Huntress

Without going into spoilers, the first time you meet Lucie is late at night. I wanted her to look mysterious and ethereal and slightly dangerous (though it’s hard for a cute child to look intimidating).

The CG also needed a couple expression changes for the scene.

After the sketch comes lineart and colors! I moved Lucie to the right slightly to decrease the amount of noticeable dead space.

Side note: I use Clip Studio Paint to draw.

Now, the background. I didn’t want too much dead space in the artwork so I put the moon beside Lucie. Putting it beside her face helps bring the eyes to her stare.

The final part was adding the main shadow overlay- it really brings it all together!


Lucie’s other main (non-spoiler) CG is during a light-hearted scene of her and Cecil talking about her teddy bear she brought with her. Suffice to say, the teddy has seen better days and people have tried getting her a new one before to no avail.

This CG was actually harder to sketch than the previous Lucie CG because I had a harder time with the proportions! Not only was I drawing a scene with chibis (as Cecil is in the foreground) but I also had to consider the placement of the textbox covering parts up. The important part is the decapitated teddy bear and Lucie’s expression- Cecil’s expression comes second as not only is he turned away but the reader will already know his reaction from his (terrified) narration.

Once I had the lineart decided on, it’s time for colors!

It’s pretty much the exact opposite of her first CG, isn’t it? After I finished the flats I made a few more adjustments and then finished it.

The in-game version might look slightly different once I nail down the right lighting & shading for it.

Now they’re both finished! Thank you for joining me for this quick look.

— Arimia

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