Today we’re taking a look at the concept behind Ambrose Prideaux, one of the main characters in Crimson Waves on the Emerald Sea!

Ambrose is a dignified man in his early-mid 20s with a seemingly perfect life—his finances are well taken care for and he’s the headmaster at his family’s prestigious university, a job he loves. Everything would be perfect for him, that is, if he could get a certain vagabond to settle down and stay home for more than a month at a time.

Similarly to Nemo, Ambrose’s name is very intentional. The name Ambrose means “immortal”, perfect for a vampire from a long line of vampires.

Ambrose is the second in this image!

Main Sprite

Ambrose is certainly well-off and dresses like it. His outfit is the most detailed and embellished of the cast, including a cravat and braid tied together with a ribbon.

His main sprite also has optional gloves, a coat, glasses, and a parasol!

Ambrose is the most well-dressed of the cast, not only because he’s the most well-off, but he’s also somewhat vain. As a side note: he doesn’t need glasses, as he’s a vampire with heightened senses. He wears glasses in public for appearances only (he thinks it makes him look nicer).

Here’s Ambrose’s finished regular sprite.

Nighttime Sprite

Ambrose is the only of the cast to have a 2nd sprite. For night, Ambrose lets his hair down and dresses much more casually.

Ambrose is prettier and more husband material now, isn’t he?

He has his hair down in his night sprite for several reasons. The main being, I wanted to draw his hair down! He also comes across as more personal this way, as a vast majority of the time he’s talking to just Nemo when he’s dressed like this. Showing him this casual puts a stronger emphasis on their close relationship.

Originally more men were to have long hair in the game, but with such a tight cast (and my own forgetfulness…) this didn’t happen.

I hope you enjoy meeting Ambrose in the full game!

— Arimia

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