Zodiac Intros – Pisces

Hi everyone! I’m back this week with Pisces, the two fish. Except she’s just one person.

Hi, it’s so nice to be here! I’m glad I was able to make time for it…

You’re a real busy person, aren’t you?

Yep! Later today I’m going to record a new video- I have to get the ad segment done first so the sponsor can accept it.

What’s the video about?

I’m trying out a new blush and powder set and eye shadow today. Then I’ll probably read some replies from my previous video.

Do you usually do videos on makeup?

Only sometimes, like when I’m sponsored like now. I usually do singing videos, like song covers, and vlogs.

Do those do well?

Mmm… I wanted to hit 750k subscribers by the new year but I don’t think I’ll hit it…

S-Seventy five hundred subs…

So… have you always done music videos? Or did you get started with something else?

I wanted to be a filmmaker, but that didn’t really work out… so I went back to singing instead!

Before the Internet I would sing at bars and restaurants… before that I was in a few silent films. Capricornus drags me out of the spotlight every few decades, but I just can’t stay away, haha!

What have you liked doing the most?

Probably silent films. They were such a revolutionary concept at the time that everyone was throwing their hands in the air trying to figure how to best make a movie.

Though I do really like the ease of phones now!

I… I bet…

How close are you to the other Zodiac?

I’m friends with most of them, I’d say! Do you know Taurus? We collab sometimes.

So Taurus is a vlogger too?

Yes! They want to get into vlogging. They’re, ah, not the best with technology yet, though.

I see… alright, last question. You’ve been to a lot of places, right? What’s been your favorite?

I’ve been to world wonders, to celebrity parties, to launch parties… but my favorite thing is to come back home afterwards, flop on the couch, and have a little dog jump in my lap.

There’s nothing better than home.

And there we have it! Thank you Pisces for joining me today. See you all next time!

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