The Various Areas in Asterism

With Asterism’s development wrapping up, I thought it’d be nice to take a look at some of the areas you’ll see in the full game. The demo only touches on a few areas while the full game has over 20 different backgrounds and over 15 different areas!

One of the very first areas drawn was the COIN outpost lobby. Kotachi and his party go to the outpost several times in the story for various reasons and it’s where they first meet Dania.

Ignore Scorpius’ sketch!

The outpost has gone through several changes, but here’s its more recent iteration. Sometimes when you visit it’ll be rather crowded!

Another area that was one of the first created was Kotachi’s home. Kotachi’s room was designed to be cozy and comfy- you can see the art process for it here.

Kotachi’s living room went through several refinements from first test to final copy.

It mostly looks like what we have now, but still rough around the edges.

Meanwhile here’s the current version! Has a more defined “homey” feel to it, don’t you think?

Another area you’ll explore in the first half of the game is a graveyard… it’s a bit eerie at night, all alone.

You’ll visit several Zodiac homes in the second half of the game, from libraries to beach fronts to log cabins…

A lot of the second half of the game revolves around going on missions. You’ll be able to talk to your friends before the missions in various COIN offices.

There are even caves, forests, and an abandoned amusement park to explore!

There’s several more areas we didn’t look at in this- you’ll have to check them out in the full game! You can view some of the map process devlogs here.

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