It’s been a couple of months since the last update for Canvas Menagerie since I worked on Lost Lune last month, but that just means there’s more to talk about in this update!

The total script has now passed 95k words! Several scenes were added to the middle section of Act 2, namely involving Ren and a certain character introduced in Act 2.

One scene in particular is the first time Niko and Ren have an actual argument as a couple. The inciting incident is Ren posting a photo online of Niko asleep without his knowledge. To Ren, he’s used to having tons of photos being posted online without his knowledge, so something mundane (and not scandalous) is a nonissue to him. But to Niko, someone who browses the internet on private accounts only, it’s a breech of privacy.

After playing around with cut-ins and more dynamic scene direction in Lost Lune last month, I started coding some of the filming sections in Act 1 with these new ideas in mind. Here’s a segment from their second filming scene, where you formally meet Mr. Clark.

I also did some small improvements to Victor and Mr. Clark’s sprites, which I’ll show off later.

Last but not least, here’s a new artwork of the main cast!

— Arimia

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