Hi, I prefer going by the name Bean but for most of my social media and credits I use Kelsiy Bean as my pseudonym.

The Starting Point

I was tasked with either drawing the male love interest or the MC. I chose to go with the Male love interest, Mikhail, since I wanted to draw a male character. The final decision between Mikhail and MC, Varshan, was made through a wheel of fortune because I can never make up my mind on anything. A Pinch of Magic had great timing, I was looking for pose references of people drinking or eating for fan art purposes which I ended up using for the male love interest.

Sketch- The Torture is Real

During the sketch stage a usually make a couple of loose drawings just to plan out the layout and choose between poses and such. I call my very first sketch, which serves the purpose of showing composition & pose, a “crap sketch” because it’s always messy.

Pose sketch

After that I try to clean my sketch then add facial features and clothing.

This is actually a bunch of sketches layered on top of another

Sometimes I might make extra sketches throughout the drawing if I’m unsure of something or need an even cleaner sketch to assist me with line art or the evil being which goes by the name of “drawing a hand” has chosen to butcher my drawing.

Color Planning

There’s not much to say about this stage, it’s something I don’t do most of the time. I was provided with a reference sheet—however, I chose to not go with those exact colors since my coloring process is currently a bit different. I struggled with finding a good way to color since moving to a new program and not finding similar brushes while having no way to export the “star of the show” brushes. Typically, I use 3 colors of a similar shade for one area.

Very rough color planning

Speedpaint Brainstorming

This might be a bit of a surprise but there was a lot more planning involved in making the speedpaint than the drawing itself. I’ll just show the idea dump here:

Please ignore any grammar mistakes and the messiness

Lineart- The Reason Why I Clean My Sketches

Now that I’m done with the cruel world of sketching and anatomy, I move onto the lineart stage. I’ve found thickening the lines in areas where there is supposed to be shadow or using thicker lines to make objects I want to put an emphasis on stand out make my lineart look better compared to when I first started digital art and there was no attempt at line weight.

The lineart


Sometimes coloring takes longer than lineart and other times this takes a whole 360 turn. The first step is to do flat colors, I make separate layers for things such as skin, hair, clothing etc. The second step is to alpha lock all the coloring layers and finally I render every single layer.

Tada, the finished product


This took exactly 3 hours 12 minutes, a literal race against time due to my battery evaporating into thin air. If you have read my handwriting and seen the speedpaint, you may have noticed that there were a couple of things that either didn’t work out or I just didn’t include.

And that’s a wrap!


— Kelsiy Bean

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