It’s the end of the second week of NaNoRenO 2021 and quite a bit has been done already! The team has dived deep into their respective areas to work on the game. Today we’re going to look at some of the progress that’s been made on A Pinch of Magic.

The UI design is currently underway by MadScientist. It’s been through a few iterations, such as going from this:

 To this:

And is still evolving! We’ll show off more screens next week.


This year to make the workload easier on the artists we’ve split the work among 3 artists for sprites. YuukiPudding (who did the sprites for Enamored Risks last year) is doing the sketches; Silver Hatsuyuki is doing the lineart; and Qualia is doing the coloring.

Love interest sprite sketches by YuukiPudding

There’s also a couple pieces of promo art finished we’ll be showing off soon! One finished piece is Violora‘s artwork of Varsha.


This year the common route is being done by Leporine with Destini Islands and Fran returning to write the love interest routes. With the help of foleso, they’ve been very organized and thorough in their planning. Scene 3 in the common route has been finalized which is where the love interests are introduced.

Excerpt from the common route


We’re moving strong through the game and still on schedule to finish on time! We hope to bring you more updates next week.

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