Our other love interest for A Pinch of Magic is Kiana, a mermaid princess who loves her family but doesn’t want to become a ruler. The original idea for her was simple. Violora said one day “I want there to be a female mermaid love interest” and foleso and I nodded.

Violora first designed her human attire, going for something reminiscent of the beach but also very chic.

Two possible casual designs for Kiana.

At one point she was thinking more blues than purples.

The dress and sunhat are definitely beach attire, but not exactly what Violora wanted. So she tried something more casual than dressy.

Finally, we’re getting closer to how she appears now. Violora made a finished concept artwork for Kiana but still wasn’t pleased with it…

After one more pass though, she arrived at Kiana’s current design!

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