Hi everyone, thought I’d give a quick overview of the progress that’s happened this month on Canvas Menagerie!

This month I was able to try some of the new backgrounds I received from Arctic Fox, the project’s background artist. These are the backgrounds for the bedrooms in Niko and Ren’s RV trailers.

Here is Niko’s bedroom (left: night time, lights on; right: day time).

And here’s Ren’s bedroom (left: night time; right: day time).

This is what it’ll look like in game! In this scene Niko was asleep, so the background is zoomed in somewhat.

Fun fact: actors have “trailers” for when they work on sets, but these aren’t trailers they stay in. Usually, they stay in hotels nearby and don’t actually live on set. However, there’s a lot more romantic shenanigans you can have if you live on set, so the trailers in Canvas Menagerie are where the characters live!

The next set of updates is writing-wise. Most of the work this month was writing. I find writing to be the hardest thing to focus on and takes me the longest, so I try to push through it first.

Act 1 (the first third of the script) is finished and just around 55k words. Most of it is done editing-wise, while the last few scenes are still in a “first draft” mode- they’re written but need some more editing.

Act 2 was where I began writing this month. A couple scenes had already been started on in this section, but now it’s “officially” started.

a snippet from Act 2

Act 2 is the beginning of Niko and Ren’s romantic relationship and begins with them getting more comfortable with each other’s boundaries and the whole dating thing.

To wrap this up, here’s some new chibi art!

— Arimia

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