A murder mystery dating sim like no other…

One cold winter night, Adrien goes for a quick exercise at the campus gym. While taking a break in the hot tub, a shrouded assailant murders a group of swimmers and attempts to kill Adrien as well. While Adrien is able to get away, the killer is still on the loose…

Drops of Death is a murder mystery dating sim visual novel about Adrien, the key witness in the murder of four college students, attempting to survive the week following the murders while also getting back to normal life. There are 3 love interests- the classmate, Edwin; the swimmer’s ex-teammate, Natasha; and the homicide detective, Singh.

One of them is the killer. …Or maybe, all of them?

At the start of every game, one of the love interests is randomly selected to be the killer. You won’t be able to trust any of them. Every route will have multiple endings depending on your choices and who the killer is.

Every love interest has a different motive and different ticks when they’re randomly selected… can you figure out what it is before it’s too late?

Adrien can be female, male, or non-binary, with a feminine or masculine appearance to pick from. There will be minor changes in the story depending on Adrien’s gender, but Adrien is able to date all 3 love interests regardless of their gender.


Character art, writing, scripting — Arimia
Marketing and GUI design — foleso
Backgrounds — Arctic Fox
Logo — ds-sans
Music — TBD

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