Side Characters and GUI Implementation

The setting for Drops of Death is at a college campus, so of course we need a setting for this!

As before, our backgrounds are by Arctic Fox.

The GUI is almost finished being implemented as well as animated. Here’s a preview of the pause menu.

The rest of the GUI will be done soon!

Last but not least, let’s look at two side characters. First up is Fawn Sanders, a true crime fanatic who runs her own vlog on unsolved crimes. She tends to hang around the police department researching her next videos. Her father also happens to be the police chief.

The next side character is Kim Taeyoung, a psychology graduate student and criminal psychologist intern at the police department. He’s a year younger than Singh and prefers reading about cases than grading his student’s papers. For some reason, the police department lets him have his hair dyed like that.

That’s all the updates for Drops of Death this week!

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