Drops of Death is off hiatus!

Now that Asterism is fully released, I’m back to writing Drops of Death. Before taking a break to work on Asterism, I had gotten a decent amount past the demo written. Here’s a quick info graphic on writing progress as of now.

Edwin’s route is nearing completion writing-wise, with the second to last day on his route almost done. Natasha’s route has been started while Singh’s route is still at the beginning.

Some of the art will be receiving touch ups as well, namely the promotional material.

As for other art, almost all of the backgrounds are completed! Arctic did a wonderful job on them. Here’s a preview of one of the new backgrounds.

This is the outside of Adrien’s apartment, which has a night time and a day time version. The demo will be updated soon to include this background.

Thank you all for your patience, now that Asterism is out Drops of Death progress will go by much quicker!

— Arimia

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