Concept to Creation – Adrien

Hi guys, this is the start of a new mini-devlog series about how I/we started with an idea for a character and follow the idea from concept stage to the final design! Today we’ll start with Adrien, the main character for Drops of Death.

Adrien started off as just female but I quickly decided to let the player decide their gender and look. In dating sims I prefer to let players choose the MC’s gender in dating sims if possible. However, I was at first undecided if I wanted to create 2 completely different designs or 2 somewhat similar designs.

Don’t ask me why the concept sketch is bow-legged. I don’t know why I do that. I blame anime.

The first sketch here is a more “classic” otome heroine design (read: feminine) while the second is more modern. I love leather jackets. They’re a nice medium between stylish and business casual, if worn with the right pieces.

I quickly decided to go with the longer hair, and sketched hair styles for the rest of the cast as well. I made all of the main characters have more realistic hair, namely color-wise.

After this, I created a few color palette tests for Adrien.

Purple is my favorite color, so I went for that first for her shirt. However, Natasha has a predominately purple design so I moved to something else. Edwin has a gray/light blue design, so I went for aqua rather than just blue for her shirt. We went with the lighter aqua because it popped out a bit more than the darker one.

For Adrien’s masculine design, I cut the hair and changed the knee-high boots to ankle ones.

And there you have it! Adrien’s design was somewhat simple compared to the rest of the cast. Hope you guys liked this!

— Miko

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