Art Process – Adrien & Edwin’s Night Walk

Adrien and Edwin are just out for a night stroll… so let’s see their progress!

First we’ll start off with a quick sketch of the pair. I didn’t know where they were going to be walking at this point, I just knew I wanted them walking somewhere!

After some editing, I made an edited sketch. The “original” for this piece is Edwin with short-haired Adrien, so all of these steps will show that.

With the anatomy looking better, it’s time for the lineart!

Once the lineart is done, I move on to flats.

To keep the art consistent I eye drop the flat colors and most of the shades from the sprites.

First is, of course, the skin shading. I did cell shading plus an extra purple gradient over the skin.

Next is the hair and eyes…

Now the shading is done!

Last but certainly not least is the background and making a version for long-haired Adrien!

And that’s it! Which version of this do you like better, short or long haired Adrien?

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