Adding Life to Scenes with Akua

Heya, CG Artist Akua speaking here!

It’s not the first time I was chosen solely for CGs- it was even the reason I got back into creating VNs two years ago. I talked by chance with someone on Amino who was curious if I would draw as a CG artist for their kinetic Otome “The Will-O-Wisp Forest”. One thing led to another and I spiraled down deeper in the VN art business. So this project isn’t my first one and also not my first free one.

However, this is the first time with one that has an actual time limit. As I offer my artistic services for free, one condition is always that I don’t get rushed but for a NaNo project there has to be a rush- we want a playable product by the end of the month after all.

As CG artist my work started a bit later, I need instructions after all and that means the writers have to prepare scenes for me. It doesn’t even need to be super fleshed out, I can work with it as long they state the characters, the situation and location to me. So I’m also one of the people who can get spoiled by a lot, lol.

So far we have three CGs, one for each love interest. All of them went through the same procedure. (If you’re on the Crystal Game Works Discord server or follow the Twitter account of CGW, you might have caught a shot of a WiP or even the finished art.)

Here, have a look.

The first CG I drew for this project for the main love interest Finn – a WiP before I coloured the background (and before I added the special effects aka the CG’s make-up)

Pretty abstract, right? That’s what the coloured sketch without the lines looks like- Though, the project won’t be experimental with Rorschach tests any time soon. But you get the idea of those splotches – what emotion do they invoke in you?

And hey, here we have a coloured shot of the final piece. I love to make the eyes expressive and my hair detailed. Of course, that means a lot of patience for the lineart.

Graffiti in Pax’s CG and snapshot of a little Easter Egg (with permission from Miko). Artistic Vandalism!

When I take a break from staring on my pen tablet for 8 hours, I like to talk to the other team members, too. Exchanging information, normal socializing, other human interactions, planting stupid stuff and jokes – the usual. 

And hey, look out for the full game because I like to add stupid and random stuff (let’s call them Easter Eggs) in the background of my CGs. Blood, sweat and tears have been poured into its production so far (alright, maybe not the first one), so would be super sweet to play it when it’s out!

– Akua

Twitter: Akua_Kourin
Instagram: Akua_Kourin

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